Just a girl born, raised, and trained to be a housewife with no other aspirations. My mom is the ultimate housewife, although in her schedule of waking my sister and I up, making us lunch, taking us to school, cleaning the house, picking us up, and having dinner ready for us and my dad on the table every single night, often with dessert, she found the time to work a full time job at nights, taking a job from 8 pm until 4 am so she could tuck us in to bed and be there for us every morning and every day. She is amazing and I live my life in constant fear I won't be even half the woman she is. I also have an amazing dad who fixes cars, coached my sports teams, was a constant source of protection and security, and most importantly has taught me how men should treat women, and although I have yet to find my prince charming, Ill make sure that when I do it's with a pie at the ready. I have neither a house nor am I a wife, but between a few broken eggs and some disastrous dinners I'm simply a housewife (in training) <3
span1986 asked: Hi, I'm trying to learn to do my hair like this. I always struggle with the fluffy bit after you brush it, how do you get it nice and tame again? 😊


Honestly it’s just sooooo much brushing and for me lots of pomade hahaha I brush like, with my hair against my hand and keep brushing until it seems like it’s not making any difference, then I add pomade all over and brush more, and basically keep doing those two things until I like what my hairs doing :)

marshmallowangie asked: Do you put anything of your hair before you put your rollers on?:)


setting spray :). i think i posted a picture of it.. its a huge bottle with blue stuff and i got it at sallys beauty supply :)

mischiefdolly asked: Ahhhhh! That style suits you perfectly!


awee thanks gorgeous <33!

i-want-life-to-be-art asked: Hey. You're so gorgeous. Do you have an instagram? I want to see more of your pretty face. <3


Awee thank you so much 🙈💋!! My Instagram is alexxaniicole .. I’ve kind of abandoned my tumblr in place of it so if anyone wants to see what I’m up to that’s the place to go :) 💕

To the beautiful girl who said hi to me at the diner you’re so sweet and gorgeous.. I got all shy and flustered so my apologies to you 🙈🙊 but it was really sweet and made me smile 💕

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